SIDHU JI was started in 2009 as a fashion blog by Anupreet Sidhu. She launched her fashion label in 2014 under the same name. Sidhu's unique eye for fashion has developed through a multi-disciplinary career encompassing styling, fine arts and fashion forecasting. She made her runway debut in 2016 as a GEN-NEXT Designer at LAKME FASHION WEEK (Mumbai, India). She launched her Resort-Destination Celebration line at IBFW, Goa (India) in the spring of 2017 and made her International debut with Belgrade Fashion week (Serbia) in 2018.

Her brand creates functional high quality garments with a twist. Futuristic approach to the existing atoms combined with realistic designs, marks the origin of the collections. Each outfit is made with an idiosyncratic quality underlined by a succession of very specific inspirational references of Travel and Art. Over the past few years the brand has explored the the space of Indian weaving and embroidery techniques which when combined with the futuristic elements give a new life to the ordinary everyday clothes. The interchangeable contemporary pieces are perfect for anyone who wants to stand out without going gaga.